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Checkers & Snoozer:

Snoozer Meets Dr. Dan

dr. dan custom cover.png

Snoozer has a doctor's appointment. Oh No! What will happen when Snoozer visits the doctor? Will the doctor be scary?


Start reading to find out if Checkers can convince Snoozer to go to its doctor's appointment and if Snoozer can stay brave when it faces things it is afraid of. Along the way, learn some tips for being healthy and why it is important to visit the doctor's regularly.


Checkers & Snoozer:

Combo Pack!

Checkers & Snoozer:

Snoozer's Science Adventure

Checkers-Book_2_841x1190 2 (1) (1) (1).p

Checkers and Snoozer wake up on a beautiful summer morning and decide what they should do that day. A space adventure at the museum sounds like just the ticket! Join Checkers the Inventor and Snoozer the Robot on a fun adventure to the science museum as they learn about the first astronauts who landed on the moon.

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