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Our Story

Checkers TV was created in early 2020, but the Characters of Checkers, Snoozer, Dr. Dan, and Mrs. Hamilton have been developed over many years through online video production, live presentations, and a children's book series. Joey and Danny Hamilton began their careers as popular entertainers in the Western New York region, known for their high energy comedy duo, Charlie and Checkers. Their antics gained them a great deal of notoriety both regionally and nationally as they performed for major organizations and events such as Six Flags theme parks and The White House on three occasions as part of the Annual Easter Egg Role! 

After 7 years of performing together, the two went in different directions with Danny going on to Medical School at SUNY Upstate Medical University and Joey attending Canisius College for a degree in Entrepreneurship. Shortly after being accepted by Canisius, Joey was honored by NFIB as one of the top 5 young entrepreneurs in America. Joey developed his brand and built off his past work with Danny to create a company that not only sought to entertain but to educate. His character, Checkers was rebooted as an inventor, to motivate children to engage with STEM in a fun way. Joey developed a world for his characters to exist in different forms of media from television shows to children's books.

After working separately for four years, Danny rejoined Joey and brought a new health component to the company and rebranded his Charlie character as Dr. Dan. The two published two children's books together with an emphasis on science and health. They also brought a live presentation to schools and libraries across New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

In 2020, they created Checkers Library TV to bring their talents to not just The Northeast, but the entire world! For the first time, Checkers the Inventor, Dr, Dan, Snoozer, and Zot the robot were starring in their own television show! 

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